Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Purpose of Your Life

Please bear with me. I realize the title of this post is provocative. How can I, a humble scientist, possibly know the purpose of your life?

Please hear me out. Think for a moment about what you value in this world. Once you have decided, then I suggest that the purpose of your waking hours is to help create a world that has more of what you value.

I can’t possibly know what you value, but I can suggest that what you value is the basis for the sense of purpose you will enjoy in your life. This touches on a major theme of the book: the central importance of value in our lives. Another theme is that science will not teach us what we value. If value is important, and science cannot show us what we should or should not value, then can we conclude there are limits to what science can bring to our lives?

This is one example of the limitations of science. There are other examples in the book. If science cannot be relied on as our guide, then what are we left with? In the book I make this statement: what we are left with is faith. By faith will we determine what we value, and by faith will we find a sense of purpose.

Perhaps this post is not as provocative as you first thought?