This blog accompanies the book “Embrace The Infinite” by Anthony Mannucci. I post content related to the book’s ideas. I welcome your visit and hope you participate. Welcome! amannucci

  1. I find it Interesting that you are a “scientist” who believes in God. Who inspired you to your belief in a God? And, If you don’t mind sharing your views regarding this, please do elaborate! Thank you, Trish.

    • Dear Trisho,
      Thanks for your comment. The short answer is: there is no fundamental contradiction between science and God. There is a contradiction between science and taking the Bible literally, but belief in God is not the same thing as taking the Bible literally.

      I further believe that science leads one to ideas similar to God, although not all the way to a God that creates miracles for your or my particular benefit.

      I hope that helps!

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