Monthly Archives: February 2013

Zero Dark Thirty Plus Infinity

The film Zero Dark Thirty presents a stark view of our world circa 2013: two dominant cultures locked in a titanic struggle to the death.

One alluring feature of atheism is resolution of that struggle: if we could only abandon religion and faith, we would immediately diffuse these conflicts and the world would be a step closer to peace.

I offer another perspective. The faith that is aligned with Vahhd is the faith that will endure. Vahhd is the rising of the Sun every morning and its setting every night. Vahhd is the flow of oceans and the passage of stars at night. Vahhd is natural law.

Every day we make choices that bring us in alignment with Vahhd or farther from it. We can humbly accept Vahhd or resist it.

The end of faith is not the long-term goal. Rather, embrace a faith that is aligned with Vahhd.