Monthly Archives: June 2013

Did You Ever Feel Joy?

Did you ever want to celebrate for no specific reason? Just an irrational desire to cherish that you are alive, that you have a life to share. An overwhelming sense of gratitude that you are doing reasonably well, not in enormous pain, and able to get by, at least today. This is definitely something to feel grateful for. (There is so much suffering in the world, any day you are not suffering is a time for rejoicing).

Then I think back to “the debate” regarding whether God exists or not. See it here.

At the start, the atheists said: science does not disprove God, but it refutes God. Belief in God is irrational.

Irrational? Isn’t irrationality the entire point? Does science refute love? Does science want to take away my joy, rare as it is, when I feel it?

Why would I want that? Why would I want to choose rationality as the driving paradigm for my life?

I wouldn’t, and I won’t.