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The Alternative to Religion

In these very difficult times, we hear religion blamed for many of the ills that plague us. That is an understandable sentiment. Let’s reflect on that.

Since the criticism is of “religion”, we can take that criticism to mean religion “broadly defined”. In its broadest sense, religion provides a sense of meaning and purpose to life. Conversely, can one achieve a sense of purpose in life without some form of “faith”, that is, believing in something that cannot be deduced from observations?

Calls for the abandonment of religion are thus calls for living life without a sense of purpose or meaning. I cannot help but believe that this is a call for us all to return to our “natural state”, when human life consisted of foraging for food, instinctively avoiding danger, and instinctively seeking to procreate. Is that really a goal to aspire to?


Making the Most of an Enemy

I thought you folks would enjoy this.

The Upside Down World

your-enemis-are-your-greatest-strengthBack when I was a kid, I would hear the words of Jesus telling us to love our enemies and pray for those who hurt us and wonder . . . do I have enemies? Did the popular girls at school who seemed to be snearing at me all the time count as enemies? How about the teachers who kept insisting that I do my homework rather than just ace the test – were they my enemies? Was the dog who scared the ever-loving-crap out of me on my paper route an enemy? Enemy’s such a harsh word. Labeling those involved in low-level conflicts with me as enemies seemed awfully melodramatic – even for me.

Growing up in peacetime and as the child of parents who got along with the neighbors rather than starting Hatfield and MaCoy style fueds with them, enemies seemed in short supply. But I’ve always been…

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