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In difficult times, I turn to God

I am going through some difficult times right now. I won’t explain the specifics. There is no need to.

In difficult times, I turn to God. Another word for God is Vahhd. This is a word I invented. You can find its definition in the book.

I pray to Vahhd. Vahhd is natural law. It is the power that surrounds us at all times, and in all places. It is the power the governs everything, to which nothing is hidden. Vahhd rules all.

I need guidance. I need understanding. Guidance and understanding will take me through these troubled times. I need God’s love. I place my fate in God’s hands.

I know that what will be, will be. I surrender to it. In this surrender, I find comfort.

Praise be to Vahhd.



Bible Or Textbook?

Athesists often use the idea that the existence of evil in the world is proof there is no God. Believers reject this by stating that God has intentionally given man free will. God intended that Mankind (and Womankind) be free to make moral choices. When the wrong choices are made, evil is manifest in the world. So, the existence of both evil and of God are entirely consistent.

There is another observation that may pose a challenge for those who hold traditional religious views. It is that God created a world where reading and learning about nature will get you farther than meditating about God and the Bible.¬†Why isn’t the latter rewarded much more?

A society that creates an infrastructure for science and engineering will become more powerful in the world than one that only facilitates devotion to God. A deep knowledge of science and engineering is not enough for a society to function well. However, a scientifically-based society that does function well will almost certainly dominate over societies that are exclusively centered around man’s relationship to God.

Why did God so construct the world that physical law seems to trump spiritual law? This does not seem consistent with the “jealous God” that is written about in the Bible. It seems that those who ignore God and focus on mastering natural law are rewarded even though they de-emphasize God. This is not a question of “free will”. One can willingly devote oneself exclusively to God, and lead a righteous life that follows His commandments. Yet, without paying attention to the natural world, that righteous person is vulnerable to those who wield power by virtue of their mastery of nature.

Perhaps this fact tells us something about the nature of God.