Religion Versus Science: A Debate

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dimreepr states:
The arrogance of theists (and you) in demanding humans are separate from the animal kingdom (special in some way) never ceases to amaze me, how exactly are we so special? There are a myriad of scientific studies that show we are just another example of an evolved species. Also why do theists insist on trying to prove it? As far as I’m aware God insists on faith alone and so any proof that he does exist would automatically mean he doesn’t, if this premise is true, as he would disappear in a puff of logic (paraphrasing Douglas Adams here).

And I reply:

Let me answer you.

Humans are pretty special, but you could say it’s a matter of opinion, so I need not go there.

You are right: theists should not and cannot prove it. Trying to prove it is not worth the effort. I don’t think God insists on faith alone, but faith is surely important.

That’s a way that humans are special: we live by faith. We understand faith and can reason about it. No other species can do that. Granted, that does not prove God’s existence.

We can all agree on an Absolute Truth as I state in my book “Embrace the Infinite”: the existence of natural law. That is, we all believe in an eternal presence that governs all material things. Modern physics suggests that this material universe embodies the concept of perfection, in that every electron (or quark, or photon) is identical to every other one in its essential aspects. Modern science also suggests an immutable logic governs this world.

I am in awe of this. You may not be. But you cannot deny the essential reality of which I speak. Therefore, the eternal and the perfect exists and has always been with us. Perhaps that is not God, but it is leading in that direction.


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