The Molecular Basis of God

This post delves into the questions of God’s existence, science and faith.

The debate between science and religion often rests on the question of scientific evidence. Those with faith believe in the power of an almighty God affecting our lives. Atheistic scientists question the existence of such a God, in particular citing the lack of scientific evidence to support God’s existence. Is this lack of evidence a concern for those with faith?

Let’s consider for a moment the possibility of scientific evidence of God’s existence. What form would this evidence take? Let’s consider the scientific perspective here.

If God exists, and exerts His Will on the world, then scientifically we must expect that God “moves molecules.” We consist of molecules, and everything that surrounds us as well. With scientific instruments, we can detect these molecular motions. If God is causing molecules to move, then our instruments ought to observe molecular motions that do not obey the prevailing laws of quantum physics. Yet, such observations have never been reported to my knowledge. This lack of scientific evidence does not prove the absence of God, but certainly makes it harder to argue for the actions of God.

Yet, when a person of faith believes that God has acted in this world, he or she is saying precisely that molecules have been moved by God’s will. Yet, I would venture to say that this person of faith is not concerned with this scientific perspective. It is as if the believer is ignoring the molecular basis of the world, a basis that is well established and reaffirmed countless times every day. Our high technology society is completely dependent on the reliable action of Natural Law.

Conversely, if a scientist observes molecules move in such a way that is not consistent with Natural Law, the scientist would not thereby conclude that God has acted. Rather, the scientist will assume that Natural Law as currently understood is incomplete, and must be supplanted by revised Laws. The scientist will then collect additional data to try and discover these revised Laws. We can guess that if the observed inconsistency is caused by the action of a willful God, the scientist will not be successful in discovering a set of revised Laws.

Although science is still evolving and full of discovery, there are many reasons to believe that Natural Law is being left intact and not violated on a regular basis, as God needs to do. However, a religious person believes in God even though Natural Law remains intact. This apparent discrepancy is because the faithful do not consider the molecular basis for God’s actions. Religious belief does not require empirical evidence. The molecular basis for God’s Will is not explained, nor need it be, according to the faithful.

I conclude by suggesting that religious faith is not about the material world, but something else. That may lower its legitimacy in the opinions of many, but if we ignore the molecular basis for God we can leave religious belief intact. If we try to impose the molecular basis of God as a scientist would, we reach a logical contradiction: that the world of molecules is governed by Natural Law and is also not governed by Natural Law. The final question I leave you with is this: is there such a thing as a “non-material world”, where the laws of physics do not apply? How real is such a world? Should we pay any attention to it?


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  1. I read your comment on the CNN page on Mr. Nye. And you are right. I share your point of view. I posted a view also that I wanted to share with you. Let me know what you think…

    “You speak as if you knew everything on God and science, but unfortunately you do not offer proof that you know anything on either”.

    Thank you Mr. Nye for your opinion. I chose to forgive you for your baseless remarks on God. I have a few questions for you. a. if you are a scientist and talk in a way as if you knew everything on God, why would you not prove to us the existence of everything? b. why don’t you offer scientific proof on why we have feelings, why we have imagination that creates, why we are able to connect with people, why humans display leadership?

    Maybe because you do not have the scientific answer to these questions.

    It is the very essence of Jesus’ leadership that has allowed humans to have some sort of order, and have some sort of a good world. As a scientist who speaks as if you knew everything on God and science, I ask you: Why have you not discovered eternal energy, eternal travel? Maybe if you did, Mr. Nye, this world would be better. But you haven’t, and you can’t. So why don’t you dedicate yourself to your craft, keep baseless opinions to yourself, and let everybody work on making this world better.

    Because it is only through imagination, love, passion and leadership that we can be better, and you unfortunately do not know anything and everything about God.

  2. I just want to reference the location of this comment and the original blog where Allen and I left our comments:

  3. “Although the spirit world may not manifest before our eyes, it is not simply a world of “imagination.” Each of us is both a spirit person and a physical being. We each have the power and the ability to touch emotionally. What we say and do can surely affect both the psyche and the spirit of other people. We can and do communicate “spiritually” through giving and receiving emotions, glances, even mere vibrations.”

    ~ Paul Werner

    I believe there is a “non-material” world, and the laws of physics are probably futile, as in that world anything and everything is possible.

  4. Trisho, I agree the laws of physics do not apply everywhere. Thanks for the great quote!

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