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Here is the content of a recent comment I made to an article about creationism:

An important idea has been lost in this debate: that creationism should not be taught as a science. I would agree that creationism as I understand it is not science. That does not mean creationsim is incorrect. It is overreaching to suggest that the current scientific understanding defines all truth and all possible truth. There may well be truths that science has not yet discovered and that are relevant to our place in the world and the meaning of life. Atheists and others can have an opinion about what defines truth, but they must realize it is just an opinion. Scientific knowledge is provisional. It depends on the evidence at hand. To suggest that science defines “the final word” is to misunderstand what science is. My solution to this problem is: don’t teach creationism as a science. Teach it as a belief system. It is a belief system distinct from science. There is room for belief systems that are not based on current scientific thinking. In fact, such non-scientific belief systems may be essential.
-Anthony Mannucci (http://embracetheinfinite.com)

The article is at:


“BERGSTROM: US needs to accept evolution once and for all By Brett Bergstrom”


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  1. Creationism and Science may co-exist. There has always been a problem of creationism, as according to the Bible, God created the world in seven (yes 7) days. The problem that geologists have, as I understand this while studying in college, is that the earth was created around 4.6 billion years ago, and man, be it a primitive form, has only been around for a mere 10 thousand years or so, so obviously there is some great discrepancy in time here.

    My solution is this: When the Bible talks about days, who is to say that a “day” is the equivalent to what WE perceive a day to be?

    A day in Biblical times, could very possibly be millions or even billions of years. So this would also solve the problem of evolution, as it takes millions of years for a species to change a significant amount (to adapt etc.).

    I Believe Evolution, Creationism, and Science can all co-exist. I agree with you, creationism is a “belief” system

    Yeah, that is my crazy theory.

  2. I like your theory. It resolves the discrepancies, but there some folks out there who hold to the 1 day=24 hours theory, and that’s hard for geologists (and many others) to swallow. In my view, the bible reveals many insights that science has later revealed. Some interpretation is needed to see this, kind of like your interpretation that 1 day = millions of years. The bible was there first, and science followed. There are many ways to discover this.

  3. But that is just the thing. You can’t take it literally….that one day is equal to 24 hours. The Bible may have to be interpreted in a different way….such as one day equals a million or a billion years. People who can’t grasp that are closed minded. At least in my opinion. Of course this will always be a subject of debate.

  4. Do you ever watch, “The Big Bang Theory”? It is hilarious. If you have never seen it, I suggest you do….it is too funny.

  5. Yes, I’ve watched it. It was all the rage in our family for a while. I agree it is very funny.

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