Daily Archives: May 26, 2013

The Change

We don’t think about this much, but there is a scientific theory regarding morality.

Here is an example. Imagine you are alone, in the office where you work.  There is a sudden emergency: the building is on fire and will almost certainly burn down. As per standard protocol, the office safe is open for the day and there is about three thousand dollars cash inside. No-one would ever know if you took that money and kept it for yourself. Should you?

Whatever choice you make has consequences. I don’t need to invoke an almighty being that watches and judges you to know this. I only need to invoke natural law (what we call Vahhd in the book). As a conscious being, you will be aware of your choice and remember it. That memory changes the structure of your brain, and thus your thought generator. The thoughts you have from that decisive moment onwards will be different depending on the choice you make.

Whether an almighty being is involved or not, our moral choices have consequences. Natural law demands it.

Vahhd cannot be escaped. What does that mean in your life?