Thought Generator

This post suggests a new way to think about yourself.

According to science, our thoughts are the result of chemical reactions in our brains, mediated via cells called neurons and the connections between them.

I advocate that everyone get to know this complex physical system. I call it a “thought generator”.

When you wake up tomorrow, try to understand what your thought generator is doing. Try to “watch” the thoughts as they roll through your consciousness. Are these thoughts positive or negative? Confident or afraid? Social or anti-social?

“Watching” your thought generator at work is one way to become more aware of what you are as a person: a complicated amalgam of conscious and unconscious actions that define your life experience. The value of this exercise is realizing there is a lot of “you” that you don’t control, but you can try to watch and learn from this complicated “you”. This exercise will bring you closer to the spiritual journey that is your life.


About Anthony Mannucci

A physicist (yours truly) turns his attention to many subjects...

Posted on May 5, 2013, in Book Related, science. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Baldscientist

    First things first, welcome back! It’s been a while…

    I will certainly try the exercise… (:-)

  2. Dear Bald,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Let me know what you find out…

    • Baldscientist

      It was interesting, but I have to try it a couple of times to “fine tune it”. Does this make sense? That said, my overwhelming feeling was curiosity, as in “what’s going to happen today?” However, I cannot rule out that these feelings come from the things that I know I have to do (at work, at home, etc.) or if I am really curious about what life is going to throw my way during the day… Now you got me curious about this! (:-)

  3. Sounds great! It sounds as if you are basically a positive person: excited about the day ahead! This is very fortunate. Not all are so fortunate…

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