The Wall and Me

Scientists deal with the eternal “object”. The “thing” that does not care about you or know you exist. The Law that is ever present and everlasting, permeating everything.

I think of the material world as an infinite wall: static, impermeable, impossible to avoid or go around. It is always there, yet always ignorant of me. Yet, I study it with great intensity.

Why do I do this? To seek the approval of my peers? Am I trying to impress someone? Do I do this for the money (hardly!)?

The reason is fascination, awe, and a feeling of connecting to something larger. These are all feelings. Doing science is a passion.

I just wanted to say that.


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  1. I could totally buy what you have written there. I feel the same in regard to my work on human activity to maintain life and quality of life.

  2. It is interesting to think of the similarities. Sounds like good work you are doing.

    • Everyday human activity to maintain life and QOL has been neglected by formal science up to now, so far as I know. Would you know if anyone has begun to work on a taxonomy of personal and environmental systems, i.e., systems whose intersections demand allocation of behavioral resources to effect adjustments?

  3. Sorry, can’t help there.

    • I’ll keep looking for sure. Or begin to build it myself. I see the project as equivalent to building the Periodic Table of Elements (if that’s its correct name), or the Genome Project (if that’s its correct name). Don’t laugh! Why shouldn’t behavioral science have its equivalent of such (essential) projects?

      By the way, what I don’t know about this method of communication is this: Is everything you and I write open to public view? Public, that is, to those who have signed on? It struck me I may have met you many, many years ago in NYC.

  4. Yes, this is all publicly viewable. No sign on necessary, I think.
    I am from NYC, so perhaps what you say is possible. Very strange though! Feel free to send me an email or visit by FB page (

    • Thanks for offer of sending email, but I don’t have yours. You have mine. You would have to think back, far back to make the connection! School days1

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